Happy Easter!

This is my first Easter and I didn’t know what to expect.  It turns out bunnies are involved!  I like bunnies, but do you know how huge the bunny is at PetSmart?  I’ve never seen such a big bunny.  The Easter Bunny took pictures with all her furry friends.  Check us out!  We’re pretty cute together.  

Come back again. I have a lot going on!

Love from Cooper!

The World is Flat (Don’t go Down the Stairs!)

I Won’t Go Down, I Won’t Go Down, I Won’t Go Down

What is over this huge ledge?  I’ve reached the edge of the world.  Mommy is standing lower than me.  I think she’s dropping into the abyss.  I can’t go over the ledge, I won’t.  Let me just lay down.  I won’t move. Not for anything.  Not for treats.  Not for the clicker.  I’m not moving.

People are going by. Some are stopping and saying, “You can do it, Cooper!” I will not move. Look at that ledge. Mommy is saying silly things. She says the earth isn’t flat. She’s asking if I’m a member of the Flat Earth Society. I’m not a member of anything, but if there is a Flat Earth Society I think I’ll join. I bet they don’t go down steps.

Mommy keeps trying. She dangles the treat but I only get it if I go over the ledge. I’m NOT moving. After a half an hour she finally gives up and says we’ll try again tomorrow. She picks me up and carries me down the stairs. Success! Today it is good I’m not a German Shepherd!

Love from Cooper!

P.S. Mommy and I went back to the stairs again the next day. Do you know how easy it is to go down stairs. I’m a pro at it. I guess the world isn’t flat!

What’s With the Dog Park

Mommy and I went to the dog park today. I love running around without my leash. I can chase leaves and pick up sticks, you know, all the good stuff. But, what’s with the fence?

Look at my friend’s on the other side of the fence. The brown one is a puppy just like me. He’s only 8 months old. They both wanted to play with me, but I’m on the other side of the fence. We ran back and forth for a few minutes. That was fun but then they ran to the middle of the park. Mommy says they’re in the “big dog park” and we’re on the “little dog” side. What’s with that? I can run fast and keep up with them. I’m sure of it. There aren’t any other dogs on the “little dog” side. Again, should have been a German Shepherd!

Gotta go, but come back again because Mommy says now that I can go up the stairs I am going to learn to go down. We’ll see about that.

Love from Cooper.

First Vet Visit & Learning Stairs

Oh what a day I had today! So many things to tell you about. Mommy took me outside to take care of my business, the peeing and pooing stuff she doesn’t like in the house.  Now that’s fine, but then we walk over to the National Center for Civil and Human Rights and what do I find?  A huge set of stairs.  Stairs!  I have never gone up stairs before and I have no intention of doing it now, but Mommy just starts walking up thinking I’m going to follow her.  I’m not!  Oh goodness she has treats for me, but she’s holding them on the third step.  How do I get that treat?  First stair, second stair, treat.  Yes, I can do that.  Turns out I can run up stairs.   Mommy needs to go faster to keep up.

So if the stairs weren’t enough for one day I now am going to the Vet.  Sensing something might be up I don’t just walk in the door like this is going to be a great place.  No, I stop outside and sit down.  Maybe if I just stay sitting we won’t go in.  Didn’t work. I’m only six pounds so Mommy picks me up and carries me in.  I should have been a German Shepherd.

The Vet was very nice to me. She gave me Cheez Whiz!  Have you ever had Cheez Whiz?  That is some good stuff.  Two vet techs were in the room holding me while I got a rabies shot and another shot.  As long as that Cheez Whiz kept coming I didn’t really care what they were doing. Plus the whole group was singing and dancing, doing a special puppy song while they did some other tests.  Silly, silly, ladies.  The whole visit was kind of fun!

Keep checking back with me because every day is a new adventure!

Hello from Cooper!

I don’t know what the heck happened to me over the last week but I went from my peaceful country life to downtown Atlanta.  Whew! What’s with all the loud noises (sirens) and people and dogs everywhere?  I’m walking or hopping along the sidewalk and scooters go by with people laughing and talking (they’re loud!).  What happened to my life?

You’d think I could go inside and it would be peaceful and fun, but there is this long thing in there that definitely doesn’t want to play with me.  I’d like to get close to him and have some fun.  I don’t understand that nasty noise coming out of the long thing’s mouth (my new mom calls it a cat and says it’s hissing).  I lost a big fight with the long thing today.  I guess I might have to steer clear of him and stop barking when he comes into view.  I think he rules the house.  Now it seems he’s my boss and he doesn’t even give me treats for behaving.  Mom calls him Whiskers, but he says he’s King of the house.  I’ll just call him King.

There are so many things to check out in such a small home.  Luckily, I’ve got more than just toys and balls.   I’ve also discovered toilet paper.  I just pull and it keeps coming and coming and coming. For some reason this wonderful soft paper is no longer hanging at my height.  I can still see it but can no longer reach it.  I need to get taller.

What’s with the school? I’ve been here only a few days and already I’m going to class.  Mom calls it “Puppy Training.” She wants me to follow her directions and I do go along with it because I get treats.  I hope this treat stuff doesn’t stop.  She really needs to work out something with the King so he knows to reward me for leaving him alone.

Everyone thinks I’m soooooo cute.  Maybe that should be my name.

I was barking at two young men doing wheelies on their bicycles the other night.  Both men took a few minutes to stop and pet me.  Realizing I am new here they said, “Cooper, welcome to Atlanta!” I think I’m going to fit right in.