Sometimes You’ve Got to Stop & Smell the Flowers!

Sometimes You’ve Got to Stop & Smell the Flowers!

Yesterday was a little stressful. It started out fun because I met some new friends at the dog park. But then, on my afternoon walk I stuck my nose down in the deep grass and the next thing you know I’m covered in little red ants. Yuk! I went a little crazy and them Mommy went a little crazy! Ants were everywhere. Mommy started taking them off my face but they were everywhere. She had to keep picking them off me. Finally she got them all. Thank goodness, but I ended up getting a bath when I got home. She got all the ants, why in the world did I need a bath?

In the evening we took a nice walk and I didn’t get into anymore ants. What I did find was some beautiful flowers. Sometimes you do have to stop, smell the flowers and just enjoy life.

Love from Cooper!